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Ian H

Hannah is a very experienced musician, with many live band and solo gigs, and three albums under her belt. She has excellent teaching qualifications and experience too. Hannah has a very clear, friendly and patient teaching style, with high standards but plenty of encouragement, demonstration and explanation when problems need addressing. Sadly I started learning bass late (well into my 50s) but her cheerful, dedicated and positive attitude to teaching makes a potentially daunting learning curve enjoyable and rewarding. .

Jessica B

We feel so lucky to have found Hannah. A dedicated, reliable and professional teacher, who knows just how to get the best results for our daughter. She looks forward to her lessons and improves week on week. We couldn’t ask for more.

Ben G

We were very lucky to find a good local guitar teacher. Reliable, keen, professional and experienced.

Adam A

I've been going to Hannah for tuition for a month now and I have already noticed a difference in how I think about playing as well my technique. She is very patient and breaks things down clearly so when new skills are added they make sense and aren't confusing. Would definitely recommend!

Tim W

Helped me get through Rockschool Grade 1 Male Vocals first time. Found ways to help me understand the requirements and didn't use a one way fits all approach. I'm almost 60 and a drummer, so not the easiest pupil. 😂Carrying on now with Grade 2 vocals and guitar. 👍

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